Become a Donor/Sponsor

The PPA has, at the time of writing, over 600 cyclists on our database who come from previously disadvantaged communities. Many of these cyclists cannot afford to buy a bicycle or cycling kit, and rely on donations made by you, our PPA member, or members of the public, so that they, too, can experience the joys of riding a bicycle in an event or as a means of transport to get to school or work.

In some cases PPA can assist these cyclists through project funding, but for every one cyclist we can assist, there are ten more who would take up cycling in a flash, if they could.

Melkbos Xmas

How can you help?

1. Donate your old kit

Bring us your old cycling kit, helmet, shoes and gloves and we’ll pass it on to someone who cannot afford to buy his/her own. Please make sure the kit is clean and repaired, if needed. In particular, there is a need for smaller sizes (suitable for children)

2. Donate your old/unused bicycle(s)

Do you perhaps have a bicycle gathering dust in the garage? Perhaps it is an old child’s play-bike, even one with training wheels? We know at least one person who’d love to put that bicycle to good use on a regular basis. Note: Bicycles must please be in good working order as most recipients cannot afford to fix a bicycle to get it in a roadworthy condition.

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3. Donate your old spares/bicycle parts

If, like me, you upgrade your bicycle every now and again, there may be some bicycle parts lying in a box in the garage or a cupboard somewhere. Bring them to the PPA Office and we can give those to someone who needs it to get a bicycle in roadworthy condition again. If we’re lucky enough, we can perhaps even build a new bicycle out of donated parts!

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4. Sponsor a PPA membership for a cyclist who cannot afford to do so

While the PPA offers vastly subsidised membership fees to cyclists from previously disadvantaged areas, there are many others who may need some assistance. If you’ve had a good year, why not help a fellow cyclist and sponsor his/her membership for a year?

5. Assist with or sponsor an outing

How about assisting a group of cyclists from previously disadvantaged areas with an outing? Perhaps you can pay for a taxi and their entrance fees to go and ride in a nature reserve or on a closed trail; perhaps you can lead a group of riders on a weekend ride and buy them some food/snacks and cooldrinks en route?

There are many ways in which you can assist – please email us and let’s help you to do something nice for someone who may be in a less fortunate financial position.