About PPA

Who are we?

Founded in 1976, the PPA is a Public Benefit Organisation committed to promoting cycling and the interests of cyclists. Recreational cycling (on- and off-road), development through cycling, safe cycling and advocacy are among the PPA’s priorities.

The Pedal Power Association is the largest recreational cycling organisation in South Africa. It has some 16 000 paid-up members; the largest component being in the Western Cape where the Association has its headquarters.

The Association came into being as a result of the running of the first Cycle Tour that was to develop into the now-world famous annual Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously called the ‘Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour’).

The main purpose and object of the Association is to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists, with the following ancillary objectives:

(a) to be a representative body for the furtherance of the interests of cyclists;
(b) to promote cycling as a recreational activity, a sport and as a means of transportation;
(c) to improve conditions for cyclists with particular regard to their safety;
(d) to arrange and organise cycle tours, fun rides and outings;
(e) to co-ordinate cycle tours, fun rides and outings organised by other bodies and to assist them in their efforts;
(f) to establish contact and liaise with and where appropriate affiliate with other organisations having similar or alike interests and objectives.

Click here to read the full PPA Constitution.

An elected committee of 12 volunteers, who meet once every two months, provides strategic direction to the Association. Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held during September, with half of the committee being elected in even years and half in uneven years.

The PPA Office is staffed by fourteen employees in Cape Town and one in Bloemfontein who administer the day-to-day running of the Association and its members, provide guidance to event organisers on the extensive PPA funride calendar, organise the PPA-own events, and run the various PPA campaigns like the COOL KID ON A BIKE, SAFE CYCLING and Bike4All campaigns. 

Events on the PPA calendar are split between (a) events owned and organised by the Association (including the Enjoy One Tonner, Tiletoria Elgin Valley MTB, TOKEN Maluti Double90, You Go Girl MTB, Heels on Wheels Women’s funride, Tour de PPA, Cyclosportif series of 6 road events, Mangaung Cycle Tour, Twilight Family MTB and various social rides and tours), and (b) events are owned and organised by various service organisations and clubs as fundraisers for a charitable or cycling-related cause. Amongst others, the Association provides the ‘external’ organizers with guidance in the form of a reference manual and logistical guidance, hands-on assistance before and at the event, and more.

To promote safety at events, the Association not only provides a qualified Safety Officer to attend each event, but also seeds its members based on their riding ability (using previous event results) and governs the manner in which the funrides are started in order to ensure the safety of the competitors. Cyclists of comparative ability are thus put into seeded start groups which are kept to manageable numbers based on the road or route conditions of a specific event.

The PPA expends considerable effort in the field of development of the sport in the poorer, previously disadvantaged areas and supports several clubs and cycling projects in this regard. In 2011 the Association embarked on a robust national SAFE CYCLING campaign, raising awareness around the vulnerability of cyclists on the road; the need for mutual respect and awareness amongst road users, and making motorists aware of the need to pass cyclists with 1m or more ( the STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER campaign).

The Association’s income stems from membership fees and from a share in the profit of the Cape Town Cycle Tour. While income from membership fees are used to run the Association, the income received from the Cycle Tour is used to fund the various projects and cycling initiatives, including the Safe Cycling campaign.

The Association’s headquarters are found in property in Kenilworth owned by the Association in Cape Town. Additionally, a satellite service is provided at each of the weekend events where staff is on hand to deal with membership and related queries. In 2015, the Association opened an office in Bloemfontein which is manned on a half-day basis.


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