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Awareness Campaigns


MOSSEL BAY NEWS – The Pedal Power Association hosted a Stay Wider of the Rider Awareness ride in Mossel Bay on the public holiday on Monday 24 September from the Shell Truck Port Voorbaai.

The idea was to create awareness for the safety of cyclists on our roads in the area.




The annual PPA ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ Safe Cycling Awareness Ride in Gauteng takes place on Sunday 22 July. Join us at 07h30 to start from CycleLab Fourways to the Cradle and back. We are offering all riders a free cup of coffee prior to the ride.

We urge all cyclists wanting a safer cycling environment to join us.  There is no entry fee, but we ask that you wear bright clothing or your ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ cycling jersey. 

Please note this is a safe cycling ride so all riders need to obey the rules of the road at all times.

* PLEASE BE VISIBLE on the road whilst training at all times, wear bright clothes and use bike lights day or night. So many motorists are calling us saying they cannot see cyclists wearing black in the dark or shady roads early mornings or in the evening.





Date: Sunday 22 July

Time: 7h30

Venue: CycleLab Fourways


Distance: 74.5km

Not for kids or those who cannot ride the distance. As it is not a race,  a moderate pace will be set.


The Pedal Power Association organised a memorial ride on Sunday 6 May to commemorate 68-year-old Ian McPherson who was killed during a bicycle robbery near Fish Hoek on Tuesday 13 March 2018.
The memorial ride will include the symbolic placing of a ghost bike close to the spot where McPherson lost his life. The ride will start at the Fish Hoek sports fields, from where the group will follow one of McPherson’s favourite routes over Chapman’s Peak to Bakoven and back. McPherson was stabbed and robbed of his bicycle and cell phone. Three suspects were arrested for possession of stolen possession and one count of murder. The murder suspect has given up his right to appeal at the hearing on the 29th of March and will remain in custody until the next court date which is set for the 8th of May.

‘The brutal attack in which my father was tragically killed is but one in a recent series of assaults on cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Something must be done,’ explained Rob McPherson, Ian’s son. ‘The local community lost a good man and our family a much-loved husband, father, grandfather and brother.  This cannot continue and hopefully, we have now reached a tipping point so that my father’s legacy is not that of a victim, but of a man whose death galvanised a community and motivated them to act.’

This memorial ride hopes to bring the community together, not only in remembrance of Ian McPherson, but also to show those that wish to do harm, that the community will not tolerate such acts. 

‘As a son who lost a father, I call upon Helen Zille, the Western Cape Provincial Government and all other local authorities in this country to act now. I call upon them to honour the national constitution, to deliver democratic values, social justice and our fundamental human rights. I wish to call upon authorities to clean up our streets, to resource our police in order to stop senseless and avoidable crimes,’ McPherson said.

CEO of the Pedal Power Association, Robert Vogel, said the level of violence involved is alarming. “The victims have no chance when the criminal is prepared to kill in order to steal what he wants,” Vogel said. The safety of cyclists in South Africa is a key priority for the PPA and we sincerely hope that action will be taken to secure the safety of cyclists in the area,” said Vogel.



On Sunday 4 March the PPA hosted our annual Awareness Ride in Maiden’s Cove, Cape Town. We are thankful for the support we receive from riders across South Africa. Thank you for your support. We ask drivers to PLEASE SHARE THE ROAD and to pass cyclists with a berth of one metre or more, SPACE SAVES LIVES. 


In lieu of transport month and to pay tribute to Gerrit Radder, who recently lost his life in a cycling accident, the Pedal Power Association, in conjunction with the PE cycling community and the Masters & Ladies cycling club, is hosting a ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ awareness ride in PE on Saturday 07 October at 09h00. The ride will start from the Grass Roof Restaurant and will cycle to the spot where Gerrit lost his life. There we are placing a ghost bike, which is a roadside memorial in memory of Gerrit’s life as well as all other lives lost in cycling accidents in PE. It is also a reminder to motorists to share the road.

The PPA launched their current ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ campaign in 2014, focussing on the safety of all cyclists on our roads. The campaign asks motorists to give cyclists at least one metre of space when passing.

The ride will start in an easterly direction from the Grass Roof Restaurant along the M9 (Seaview, Buffelsfontein, Heugh Roads and, Walmer Blvd) to the spot where Gerrit Radder’s accident took place (+/- 12km from Grass Roof) where we plan to hand over a document listing our cycling safety concerns to a representative of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (@ 09h45-10h00). From there the planned return route to Grass Roof is via the M9 before turning left into Victoria Drive and right into Sardinia Bay Rd to Heron Rd (distance +/- 14km).  The expected duration of the ride is 45 min to an hour. All those participating in the ride will be offered a free cup of coffee on our return to the Grass Roof Restaurant.

It is important that cyclists also obey the rules of the road at all times and it is each and every cyclist’s responsibility to ensure that they are visible on the roads by wearing reflective, bright clothing as well as having lights fitted to their bicycles. The Stay Wider of the Rider campaign urges motorists to be on the lookout for cyclists on the roads and not to be distracted by cell phones. It could save a life.