Laing, Gordon

Gordon is a registered Civil Engineer with a MBA and B.Com degree with immense sustainable transport, cycling and strategic planning expertise. Gordon is a strong advocate for utility cycling (i.e. commuting in its broadest form) in a sustainable and socially responsible way. He consults on the development of Sustainable Strategies for local and provincial authorities, corporates and NGO’s. Recent clients include the World Wide Fund for Nature, the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Tshwane and Stellenbosch, and the Brazilian Department of Transport.

Recent cycling-related projects in which Gordon was involved, include developing Tshwane’s Non-Motorised Transport Framework (2013) and Stellenbosch’s Cycle Plan (2015). Gordon is a key member of the consortium which has recently been awarded the bid to develop the City of Cape Town’s new cycling strategy.Gordon also serves on the board of BEN (Bicycling Empowerment Network South Africa). He joined the committee in 2015.

When and why did you start cycling? “At school when I got a job delivering newspapers.” Favourite ride? “Doing a training ride in the early morning out along the False Bay Coastline to Cape Point Gate from home in Marina Da Gama, or cycling down to the Muizenberg beachfront for Breakfast or Coffee on my UK Postal Bike.” How many Cycle Tours have you done, and is there a specific memory that stands out? “25. My first Cycle Tour will always be a special one, although the camaraderie at the Windy Tour was amazing.” What do you hope to achieve in your 2 years on the Committee? “Contribute to raising awareness that cycling is more than sport or recreation and that it is a really important and acceptable means of transport – it is a means of creating access to opportunity for those that can’t really afford transport, it can contribute hugely to sustainability efforts and it can provide a sense of freedom to many.”