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Road cycling is the most widespread of the various cycling disciplines, as it not only includes funrides and racing on the road, but also commuting and general recreational cycling. Road cyclists are generally expected to obey the same traffic laws as other road users, including cars, buses and taxi’s.

Cyclists (riding for sport, recreation and for transport/commuting) have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists – and the SA Road Traffic Act even defines a cyclist as a driver of a motor vehicle. South African roads are public spaces, and cyclists have the right to ride on them, and the responsibility to obey traffic laws (just like motorists do).

Cyclists have the right to expect motor vehicles to overtake them safely, and look out for them at intersections. The Road Traffic Act is clear: drivers must take other road users into account in whatever they do. Cyclists also have the right to the left-hand side of the road (not the extreme edge of the left-hand side).

But it’s not always easy to share the road with a slower-moving vehicle, especially if you’re not a cyclist yourself. Please refer to the SAFE CYCLING section for tips on how to use the roads safely, tips on commuting, and the like.

The annual PPA funride calendar offers some 24 road funrides, as well as 25 MTB funrides. Please refer to the Events page for more information on these events, and come and join us there!