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PPA funds new singletrack on Table Mountain

After months of negotiations, PPA Exco member Robert Vogel got the green light for new singletrack to be built on Table Mountain. The new section is a revamp of an old route (primarily a foot path) around Sanparks’ Mount Pleasant office near Rhodes Memorial, linking the paths below the office to the contour path that leads to the infamous Plum Pudding hill.

“About a year ago I first approached Sanparks to discuss new routes on Table Mountain in an effort to relieve some of the pressure from Tokai,” Robert explained. “PPA then kindly provided funding for trail upgrades on Table Mountain to Table Mountain Bikers, and we now finally got an opportunity to use the funding.”

Bennet Nel of Ace of Spades and his team was appointed to do all the hard work. The new singletrack section is around 200m long, from the top to the bottom. Much care has been taken to reroute water drainage off the trail, with a few drainage bumps being built. Having been a footpath in its previous life, the path has been straightened in one or two places to cater for bicycles, with a section of completely new trail being cut and added.

“The idea is to make the whole trail rideable, up or down, without too much technical effort,” Robert explained.

At the bottom of the trail, the “straight down” entry and exit has been turned into a corner with a berm to take out the gradient. The trail split will allow riders to choose which way they want to exit the trail and/or access the trail from the lower single track or from the tar road side.

“We are really excited about this new section,” Robert said. “Certain sections of the old route have now been blocked off for a reason – please help us to combat erosion and stay off these closed sections. Please remember that you cannot go through to Newlands from the paths around Mount Pleasant and Deer Park, as Newlands is still very much off-limits for cycling at this stage.”