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Get 10% off DripDrop Oral Hydrate solutions

We are very happy to announce that  PPA members will receive a 10% discount when using their PPA voucher at the DripDrop online store to order DripDrop Oral Rehydration Solutions.
Dehydration is commonly caused by sports and exercise when physical activity speeds up the loss of fluids and electrolytes in the body. During an intense workout and especially during longer events or stage races, a cyclist can lose a significant amount of fluid through sweat. And when these fluids and electrolytes aren’t replenished quickly enough, dehydration sets in.
DripDrop is a great-tasting, medical grade hydration solution developed by a medical doctor from San Francisco, USA. Built on decades of proven science, it contains a precise ratio of sodium, sugars and other electrolytes which absorb quickly and hydrates effectively, leading to faster rehydration.
PPA members will receive a 10% discount when buying DripDrop rehydration products online. Simply log on using the following PPA-members’ code:  STYM18 (please note that this code changes regularly)