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Car Trip (ride-sharing initiative)

CarTrip is a company that offers an internet-based platform that allows drivers and passengers to easily arrange lifts together.  It provides a much-needed facility for cyclists to arrange lifts or offer lifts to the various cycling events (you can even create your own event). Almost 70% of people that enter events drive to the venue on their own so it makes sense that participants share their vehicles with other participants coming to the event.

The benefits of sharing a ride to the event include:

  • More parking and less congestion at the event as there will be fewer cars.
  • You are able to meet fellow participants who share your passion for cycling. 

  • If you are a driver you can recoup some or all of your petrol costs by offering one or more riders a lift. 

  • If you need a lift, it will cost a fraction of the cost of travelling there with your own car.
  • Ladies can get lifts with lady drivers only if they prefer.
  • With fewer cars on the road, it helps our environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
  • CarTrip will donate a small portion of funds received back to PPA, which will be used to fund #Bike4All bicycles which will be donated to those who need a bicycle for commuting.

So, if you’re travelling alone to any events or if you’re looking for a lift to an event, please visit or download their Apps and find out more about this exciting new service. Please read through their FAQ’s should you have any questions on how it works.