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10% discount on the Flip-Flag bicycle safety flag

The Bicycle Safety Flip-Flag is a simple device to increase your cycling safety on the road. It does this by politely influencing motorists to provide you with an appropriate, safe, overtaking margin.

But this is no ordinary bicycle safety flag. The Flip-Flag has been diligently designed with some innovative features. Its seamless functionality allows you to feel and be safer on the road when you are on your bike.

The Flip Flag in the horisontal position, encouraging motorists to give you space when overtaking

The philosophy of this product is not to annoy motorists. It is to politely insist on an appropriate safety margin. And it works. It works very well.

The Flip Flag in the vertical position, as required when manoeuvring through narrow gaps

Features of the Flip-Flag:

  • High visibility lumo green flag with silver reflective logo.

  • Easily accessible, slick action flag pole orientation switching.

  • Sprung mechanism allows four positions: upright, to the left, to the right and down out the way against the bike’s lower chainstay.

  • Mechanism also allows compliance if clipped by an object from the front or rear, bouncing back to the set position automatically.

  • Flag end is intentionally soft and won’t scratch any object it strikes.

  • Two-part flag pole construction: aluminium section at the mechanism for wear resistance and wooden dowel for breakability in the event of a severe obstacle strike, thereby not endangering the cyclist’s leg.

  • Easily removable and attachable according to commuting, training and race event needs.

  • Fits any adult or kids bike seatpost diameter and aero section seatposts.

  • Innovative flag design.

After almost a year of prototype iteration and testing, the Flip-Flag is now available for sale both online and at selected stores like Olympic Cycles and Woodstock Cycle Works.

The Flip-Flag is designed to fit common sizes of round and aero-section bicycle seatposts. While the flag is lumo-green, the body of the flag is available in black, blue, green, purple or pink.
The Flip-Flag will be available online to PPA members at R232 each excluding courier charges. (Please talk to us if you’d like to collect your Flip-Flag from the PPA Office instead, as we can send yours there for collection.)
For more information or to order your Flip-Flag, please visit