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What does PPA do for MTB?

The PPA has been instrumental in off-road cycling since the early eighties, when ROMP (Responsible Organised Mountain Pedallers) was incorporated into PPA as the Association’s mountain bike arm. Today the PPA still views off-road cycling as a major cycling discipline and not only ensures an equal split between road and off-road events on the PPA calendar, but also actively sponsors and encourages the building and maintenance of off road trails.

>> Ride on open [approved] trails only
>> Yield to pedestrians and horseriders
>> Never, ever litter – leave only your prints behind
>> Ride responsibly and do not destroy trails
>> Keep left!
>> Follow the acknowledged trail direction, if specified



During the past year PPA further cemented its relationship with SanParks through our active participation in the Environmental Management Plan revision process. While the process is a slow one, we are making steady progress.



The Table Mountain Management Plan from 2008 is up for revision and PPA will be providing input throughout the process. The management plan deals with the activities within the Park, including hiking, dog walking, mountain biking, horse riding, paragliding and the like. The areas where mountain biking is currently allowed and where it may be allowed in future years need to be included in the proposed amendments in order for them to be considered. If (proposed) new cycling routes are not included in the management plan, they don’t count and won’t be considered until the next revision.


In the past year, PPA has been working with Table Mountain Bikers to increase safety on the mountain by funding some infrared cameras which have been put up in a few hotspots on the mountain.


Together with Table Mountain Bikers, PPA is co-funding the creation of a new section of singletrack next to the Mount Pleasant offices, linking the Rhodes Memorial access route to the contour path leading to Plum Pudding. We are also contributing to the upgrading of an existing footpath linking the King’s Blockhouse with the top of Plum Pudding. This path will soon officially be opened for mountain biking.



Within the last year, PPA was approached by Cape Nature to assist with doing an analysis of five of Cape Nature’s reserves to establish the suitability of their current trails for mountain biking, and to suggest ways in which the trails and MTB offering in these reserves can be improved. We are pleased to announce that a Memorandum of Agreement is being finalised and should be signed in the near future.



Although Jonkershoek is one of the reserves to be analysed, PPA has committed to donating R10 000 to upgrade some singletrack in the Jonkershoek Reserve, adding our support to private funding which is used during the year to maintain the routes in this popular reserve. Work on these sections commenced during September 2014.



Within the last year, PPA allocated funding to 10 MTB-related projects. These included:



R50 000

Darling MTB trails

R40 000

Grabouw Paul Cluver MTB trail upgrade / bridge

R50 000

Table Mountain Bikers – Table Mountain trails and security

R35 000

Tokai MTB trail maintenance

R50 000

Swellendam MTB and tourism initiatives

R30 000

Suurbraak MTB trails

R10 000

Steenberg High School MTB initiatives

R20 000

Greyton/Genadendal MTB trails and initiatives

R30 000

Sugar Rush (Kwazulu-Natal) MTB

R20 000


R335 000


More than 25 MTB events are annually accepted onto the PPA calendar. These events all conform to certain minimum safety standards, and we have several meetings with the event organisers in order to ensure that their route marking and other logistical issues are up to scratch.

Please collect a PPA MTB bike board from the PPA Office prior to the first event you want to participate in, or collect it from the PPA staff at the first event.

This means that you need to remember to bring your PPA seeded number to funrides, to allow you to start in one of the seeded start groups. If you forget your seeded number at home, you’ll have to buy a temporary number at the event. You can either choose to ride in the seeded groups and purchase a temp seeded number according to what has been issued to you (R30), or purchase an unseeded start number (R5) and start in the temp groups at the back.

What if you are not a PPA member, but a member of a club or other CSA affiliate: Where will you start? Seeding is a specific benefit of PPA membership, so PPA members will be allowed to start in the seeded groups in front of non-members. If you want to start in the seeded groups, you’ll have to become a PPA member.