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PPA Membership Benefits

PPA membership works out to roughly R25 per month per main member per year, and the annual subs for a main member is paid-for in savings if you do 5 events per year. The more events you do, the bigger the saving.

Membership benefits include:

  • PPA members pay discounted entry fees for events on the PPA calendar,
  • PPA members receive a seeded funride number to use at PPA events,
  • PPA members wearing seeded numbers start in front of non-members,
  • PPA pays Racetec to time PPA members who wear their transponders at PPA events so that all PPA members are guaranteed to receive a result (provided you wear your transponder),
  • PPA members receive a weekly email newsletter with event information,
  • PPA members can ride certain MTB trails at a discounted fee,
  • PPA members receive various discounts.

Some 50-60 events, from road funrides to off-road events, including overnight tours – are organised annually under the PPA umbrella around Cape Town, the Peninsula and the Western Cape. PPA’s event co-ordinators are fully-fledged Safety Officers and ensure that funride organisers (usually service organisations that organise funrides in order to raise funds for their charities) are fully briefed to put on an event that conforms to PPA’s very high standards. Safety is ensured at these events by the presence of traffic officials and the PPA crew, while medical assistance, sweep vehicles and water points are a given at PPA events. PPA members can enter these events at discounted entry fees, and get preferential start seeding.

PPA members save, amongst others, in the following ways :

Pre-entries: While funride organisers can set their own entry fees in order to make the figures work (especially if they do not have a sponsor), PPA members receive discounted event entry fees.  In this way, your PPA annual membership fees are generally paid for in the discounts you receive on the normal entry fee if you do 5 or more events per year.

Late entries: PPA members also receive a discount on late entries.

Discounts at MTB trails: PPA members get a  50% discount when riding trails in Grabouw, as well as Schapenberg and others where PPA have provided project funding for any of these trails.

Other: While the largest portion of your membership fees are used to run the Association, any remaining funds are used to fund worthwhile cycling projects, from lobbying for cycle paths to assisting riders from previously disadvantaged areas and creating new MTB paths, so in a small way every member assists the Association to ‘put back’ into cycling.

PPA members are automatically seeded and receive a free funride seeded number.  This number can be collected at the first event of the season from the PPA Mobile Office, or at the PPA Office during office hours. Please contact us on (021) 689-8420 for more information.

Two seeded numbers are in use: A MTB frame number is used at MTB events, and a road back number is used at road events. You cannot use the road number at MTB events, or vice versa. Please see the SEEDING page for more information about your seeding for PPA events.

Paid-up members are re-seeded every year in July according to their finishing time in timed events.  Members can  apply for and pay for a new/upgraded seeded number whenever they qualify for and want a new number.  See the “seeding“ FAQ section on this web site for more information.

You need your seeded number to be able to start in your normal start group. If you have forgotten your seeded number at home, you have two options:
(a) Buy a temp number at R5 from the organisers and start in the unseeded/temp groups at the back of the field, and just ride for fun.
(b) Go to the PPA Mobile Office and check if you are listed on the database. If so, you’ll be able to buy a seeded number to use on the day at R30. This special number is valid only for one event, and the seeded group will correspond to your current seeded group on the database to allow you to start in your normal seeded group on the day (NOTE: This is not the same as the temp number issued by the organisers to unseeded riders) .

(a)You can find your membership number on the PPA website.
(b) You can also contact the PPA Office before you enter the event and ask for confirmation of your PPA membership number
(c) If you have forgotten your membership number and are at an event, just go to the PPA Mobile Office at the event and ask them to look up your membership number on the database, to take to the registration table
(d) Your membership number is displayed every week in your email with event news from PPA.
NOTE: All events that use the Racetec Online Entry system will automatically see you as a paid-up PPA member when you enter online, as Racetec, PPA and the Cycle Tour share a database.

All members can purchase a personal timing transponder which can be used at all events timed by Racetec, including the Cape Town Cycle Tour.  PPA pays Racetec to time PPA members at most events on the PPA calendar, although a few of the shorter routes are untimed, as are ‘listed’ events.  Timing and regular results allows you to be re-seeded if your times improve at these events.

Please also note that you will only receive results for an event if you wore your personal transponder (“timing chip“). No chip – no time. Times cannot be added manually if you have forgotten your chip at home.

From time to time, PPA organises highly popular informal recreational tours, where the emphasis is simply on relaxing and having fun while using the bicycle as a means of transport. We find a nice venue, camp overnight or book into local accommodation, and then do some great cycles in the area, usually stopping every so often somewhere for refreshment. The overnight tours are mostly small, with limited entries. PPA members receive a substantial discount to enter these tours, and get first preference to fill the tour. See the events section for more information.

Organised, timed mountain bike fun-rides are arranged at off-road venues around Cape Town. These venues are often not open to the public during the year. PPA members pay discounted entry fees to participate at these MTB events. PPA members also receive a 50% discount to ride the Schapenberg MTB trails at Ongegund near Somerset West, as well as trails at Paul Cluver and Thandi in Grabouw.

PPA members receive a weekly email newsletter with the latest event information for that weekend.