Become a PPA Event

Why should you apply to have your event accepted onto the PPA calendar? Events on the PPA calendar enjoy the following benefits and privileges, amongst others:


The PPA ‘stamp of approval’ is one of an event’s strongest marketing points. Cyclists who attend events on the PPA calendar know that the event conforms to above-average event deliverables, especially relating to safety and medical matters.

If your event is accepted onto the PPA calendar, PPA markets your event via email to the PPA database (currently just over 19 000 members) in the week before the event. The event is also advertised on the PPA website, and PPA carries the costs of producing a printed calendar which is delivered to cycle dealers in and around Cape Town. Details of upcoming PPA events are usually also read out at the prizegiving of the previous event on the calendar, as well as supplied to media.

Event details will also be distributed by PPA via Facebook and Twitter.

That’s a lot of marketing! In exchange, PPA requires discounted entry fees for PPA members.


Event/organisational assistance

Each event that’s accepted onto the PPA database, gets assigned to a PPA Events Coordinator, who takes pride in assuring that the event organiser receives all the information and assistance needed to put on a top-class event.

Amongst others, the PPA Events team meet on site with the organiser and/or local organising committee and discuss various logistical issues like parking, toilets, registration flow, line-up and the like, to ensure the best possible event flow on the day. The PPA team also works through a comprehensive checklist and “race bible” with the organiser to ensure that all the “tick-boxes” are checked to ensure that your event reaches the high and safe standards expected of PPA events, as well as conform (and mostly exceed) local government event requirements.

The assistance provided by the PPA team include assistance with local and provincial traffic applications and City of Cape Town Events Office applications.

On the day of event, a designated PPA representative attends the event. This representative is overall responsible to traffic and Local authorities on the day, and generally oversees the event. PPA also sends a few experienced crew members to assist specifically with the start/finish of the event.


Administrative assistance

The PPA team assists organisers with all the paperwork that needs to be completed before and after the event. This includes all relevant event applications.

Logistical assistance

Being accepted onto the PPA calendar means your event has all the PPA equipment (trailers, route markings, marshal bibs and flags, water jerry cans and the like, worth well over R100 000) at your disposal, saving you substantial outlay.

On the day, a team of well-trained PPA crew members attend your event to specifically assist with the start and finish of the event. In addition, PPA cycling marshals are assigned to your event. These marshals participate in the event, assisting cyclists and route marshals en route as needed and also assist with the line-up at the start etc.

PPA also supplies some PPA administration staff at the PPA info table at your event’s registration to assist with any specific PPA-member related queries over and above the registration procedure.

After the registration has been completed, one of the PPA admin team members will assist your registration co-ordinator in compiling the event registration recon and assist you in completing the event feedback form, thereby minimizing the admin work-load encountered after the event.

MTB line up 2

Financial assistance

  • PPA pays Racetec to provide electronic timing for PPA members (wearing transponders) at the event. This is a real cost of over R10 000 per event to PPA
  • PPA carries the cost of PPA crew attending the event, valued at between R2000 and R3000 per event
  • PPA carries the overheads of the PPA events coordinator as well as other PPA staff members who attend the event
  • PPA carries the cost of providing an equipment trailer with all necessary equipment, valued at up to R95 000 for MTB events and R130 000 for road events, excluding the cost of the trailers
  • PPA carries marketing costs as related above