Resources and Advice

Welcome to our RESOURCES AND ADVICE section.

In the LET’S RIDE section, you’ll find info on, amongst others:

  • A short overview on road cycling
  • Racing
  • Women’s cycling – from the best bikes to fit a woman’s physique to accessories aimed at female cyclists, as well as some tips on how to have your bike set up correctly
  • Women’s MTB – similar to the road section
  • MTB trail conduct, a list of MTB trails and some off-road riding tips
  • An overview on the BMX scene and tracks in the Western Cape Funrides: How they work, what to take, what to expect, how to train for your first funride, the funride rules, riding a tandem, and MORE! (PS, if you are new to funrides, do visit this page which tells you all you need to know about what to do at your first funride)

In this section you can also find links to, amongst others, the PPA Constitution and a general FAQ.

We’ll soon be adding more information to this page – please visit again soon!