Enter the Stay Wider of the Rider start group Knysna Cycle Tour

The 80 km and 50 km MTB Races and the 115 Road Race Knysna Cycle Tour have been announced as SEEDING EVENTS for the 2019 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Enter the PPA ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ safe cycling start group by clicking on the link below and you will automatically qualify for the safe cycling group at the 2019 CTCT (provided that you have entered the race).

 The only conditions for entry are that riders have to wear a Stay Wider of the Rider jersey or gilet and have entered for the Knysna Cycle Tour. 

Visibility is a key issue that contributes towards many cycling accidents on our roads. The lack of visibility is a significant factor in crashes between cyclists and cars. It is important for cyclists to do their part to make sure that they are seen. Even though you might be able to find your way in the dark at low speed this does not mean that you are safe – the other road user might not be able to see you! A bike ridden in the dark or even low light must have a red light on the rear and a white light on the front. They can be flashing or steady, but they must be visible for at least 200m. Please wear bright clothing at all times, be safe be seen.

Click on the link below to enter, we appreciate your support.