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  • CLICK HERE TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP  OR TO JOIN PPA right now, valid until end-June 2015!

Being a PPA member includes the following benefits:

  • You pay a discounted entry fee for events on the PPA calendar;
  • You receive a seeded funride number to use at events  / seeded MTB bike board to use at MTB events;
  • You will start in front of non-members;
  • PPA members are timed by PPA; and
  • Your results will appear on this website (and are  used for seeding).
  • PPA members receive a weekly email newsletter with the latest funride updates and general PPA news.

PPA members are automatically seeded and receive a free annual funride seeded number and/or MTB bike board.  This number can be collected during the week from the PPA Office, or from the PPA Mobile Office at the first road and/or MTB event that you participate in. We strongly recommend, though, that you rather come to the PPA Office to collect your number so as to cut down on having to stand in a queue at the event! You can also save time on the morning of the event (if you cannot get to the PPA Office during the week) by contacting us so that your number is pre-allocated and sent to the event for you to simply collect – thus saving time in having to look up your seeding eligibility on the morning. For more information, please contact the PPA Office on (021) 689-8420.

Paid-up members are re-seeded every year in July according to their finishing time in timed events. Members can also apply for and pay for a new/upgraded seeded number during the year, should they qualify for and want a new number.  See the “seeding“ section on this web site for more information.