2017 Maluti Double90 Team Challenge

Event Date
180 km
Event starting times
First teams at 06h30
Prize giving/cut off
President Square
PPA: Liandri
Enquiries Phone Number:
071 864 4768
Entries close
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Is the Maluti Double90 Team Cycle Challenge tougher than the Coronation Double Century? Are you tough enough to find out...?


The Maluti Double90 is a team challenge over 180 km. A tough endurance event, the Maluti Double90 is about team spirit and camaraderie, the aim being for the team to finish with all riders. It is not an easy ride and teams are encouraged to put in the training miles. Teams need to be able to maintain a minimum of 20 km/h average for the event, and various cut-off will be implemented along the route to ensure that teams reach the finish line before the cut-off at 16h30. This is not a ride for novices or unfit cyclists.

The Maluti Double90 Team Challenge takes place in Clarens in the eastern Free State on Saturday, 1 April 2017 and is limited to 120 teams. Teams can enter up to 12 riders per team, with the time of the 6th rider across the finish line being taken as the team's official time.

Maluti Double90 Team cycle challenge 1

En route from Clarens to Bethlehem

Teams can enter one of three categories:

  • Female
  • Mixed (3 riders of the opposite gender in the first 6 finishers)
  • Open (any combination of gender)

Entries will open at 13h00 on 28 November 2016 and will close as soon as 120 teams have entered or at close of business on 13 March 2017, whichever comes first. No late entries. Please CLICK HERE to enter.

  • Elevation gain over the 180 km:  2220m
  • Average altitude: 1900m
  • Highest point in the Golden Gate is 2050m asl.
  • Steepest gradient is the Mine Shaft at 22% (roughly the 155km mark)
Maluti Double90 Team Cycle Challenge Golden Gate reserve

Inside the Golden Gate reserve

Good news: All teams that start and finish the 2017 Maluti Double90 Team Challenge with a minimum of 6 paid-up/valid PPA members, will get a 10% discount on the 2017 entry fee. As the names of team members will be loaded by the team captains only after the team entries have been paid, a membership validation will be done against your team’s results after the event, and the difference of R780 will be refunded after the event.

Maluti Double90

Cycling past the famous golden gate


Entry Fee

180 km

R7800 per team (10% discount for teams that start/finish with 6 or more valid PPA members, refunded after the event)


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