Become a PPA Cycling Marshal

Who are the PPA cycling marshals?

The PPA cycling marshals are a small group of dedicated cyclists who are committed to the development of cycling and who assist at both road and MTB events on the PPA calendar.

Why do we need cycling marshals?

Especially at bigger events, we need as many hands on deck as possible. In this regard, our PPA cycling marshals play a vital role at the start of each funride. The marshals assist the PPA Event Coordinator and crew to call the participants through to the start, assist in sizing the start groups, and check that cyclists line up and start in their correct groups.

The marshals also assist to enforce the PPA funride rules such as:

  • Ensuring that iPods are absent
  • Ensuring that cyclists start in their correct seeded groups
  • Ensuring that everyone is wearing a helmet
  • Ensuring that timetrial bars (which could cause additional injuries in an accident) are not used in mass participation events
  • In general assist the PPA staff and crew

The PPA ride marshals also assist en route, notably to keep the bunches as far left of the white line as possible and very often stop to help anybody who has been injured or who needs help to fix a puncture and the like.

In short, the cycling marshals are a vital cog in the whole event infrastructure.

We need YOU to become a PPA cycling marshal

Prospective marshals get trained over a few events, working with another marshal to learn the ropes. Once you have the hang of things, PPA will provide you with a full marshal’s cycling kit, including pants, cycling top, gilet and gloves.

Marshals receive free entry for the events where they work. Because the marshals assist with the start line-up, most marshals leave with the last starting group, although – based on the number of marshals assisting at an event – we try to shuffle things around so that we also have cycling marshals en route with the faster groups. Some marshals ride the long route; some the shorter – it all varies from event to event.

Marshals who do a certain number of funrides outside of their own seeded starting group (i.e. not riding with your own seeded group, but in one of the slower groups), you’ll receive free PPA membership for the next year.

Once or twice a year, we meet (light meal provided!)  to discuss the upcoming season and get feedback on how events or the whole marshalling structure can be improved.

Because of the value they offer, PPA marshals are often called upon to assist at other bigger events such as the Die Burger Cycle Tour.

Interested? Email Jannis now!